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Coe PTA Parent Education Nights

[APR 28, 2021]   School Funding with Mary Fertakis

Mary Fertakis, a member of the Washington State Board of Education and 22-year veteran of the Tukwila School Board (a school district that has been called the most ethnically-diverse in the US), led an information 1-hour+ session that covered the basics of where public school money comes from, the policies that drive funding formulas, and how families can ask for the kind of school district they want.

<<Watch the live presentation>> recorded with permission.

Pre-reading and reference materials are available here.


[FEB 4 & 10, 2021]   Reading (K-2, and Grades 3-5) with Coe’s Reading Specialists

The PTA hosted Coe’s Reading Specialists, Amy Fleisher, Julie Bedell and Bente Fernandi, for two parent education nights in February 2021. Together they shared the science of learning to read, actionable advice on how to encourage and support children as they become skilled readers, plus book recommendations and links to other helpful resources.

Click the images below to view and download each presentation.