Join us at the Fund Sharing Speaker’s Night

Hear from parents involved in fund-sharing programs and learn from one another on how  to maximize community and impact.

Please join us Wednesday, October 20 at 7:00 PM over Zoom.

Speakers include:

  • Christina Jiminez, representing Southeast Seattle Schools Fundraising Alliance, which hosts the largest cooperative fundraiser in the district, serving students at 15 elementary and K-8 schools
  • Erin Conery, representing Roxhill Elementary, whose PTO is seeking funds to purchase grocery store gift cards for families facing food insecurity, hiring Somali and Spanish interpreters so all Roxhill families can participate in meetings and events, and building a Learning Garden – the school’s first green space.
  • Vivian Van Gelder, representing the PTO Giving Coalition, a group of stakeholders from across the district advocating around racially equitable resource distribution in Seattle Public Schools.

This event is open to interested Coe families and beyond! Please register to receive the Zoom meeting details.

October: Heritage and Awareness Observances

To learn more about these observances, please visit the links shared by the Nation PTA.

Reminder: School Forms

Don’t Forget! This year, start-of-school forms can be accessed electronically on the district’s website:

Please complete and return all forms that apply for your family, including the following two forms which are required for every student:

  • Emergency Information and Student Release form
  • FERPA form

Completed forms should be returned to the school electronically to Leanne Loewe ( or in your child’s backpack.


Connect with… your DREI Committee

Illustration by Lyubov Ivanova / Getty Images

Coe PTA is committed to creating a school community that is equitable, proactively practices and promotes anti-racism, and embraces the value of diversity.

Coe Elementary school staff and leadership are committed to and have been acting on this shared goal. The community is constantly changing, however, and we are all part of a life-long journey to be better and do better for our kids.

The Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion (DREI) Committee was established in 2020 to facilitate a partnership between the PTA and Coe staff around this commitment, to develop clear, shared goals, to inform priorities, and to develop and support implementation of strategies that help achieve those goals.

We welcome your participation and thoughtful contribution to this conversation and life-long journey. We must all continue to learn and improve together.

Connect with the team at