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Building Leadership Team

As a school (and as a district) we believe that we make better decisions in school governance if we work on issues together. To this end, we have a site council called the Building Leadership Team (BLT). This team is comprised of the following representation: a Grade K-1, 2-3, 4-5 teacher representative, a Special education/reading/math specialist representative, a Classified representative, a PCP specialist teacher representative, two Parent representatives, the Principal and assistant principal.

We meet once a month to discuss a variety of topics including upcoming events, challenges as they present themselves, budgeting issues, and organizational issues. Perhaps the most challenging work we do is around staffing and budgeting in February and March. All proposed staffing and budgeting scenarios go through our BLT and are then sent to staff for a final vote. This is contractual. All schools follow this procedure for staffing/budgeting.