The Coe PTA is committed to helping students become their best selves and reach their full social, emotional, and academic potential by engaging and supporting families, teachers, and school leadership.

Our annual fundraising efforts supplement many supports and opportunities, including:  school counselor  | reading specialist  | increased librarian time  | tutoring to support students academically and socially  |  community engagement and events  |  school-wide assemblies and more

Among a number of PTA planned activities and events, are the following larger scale giving opportunities:

  • Fall Fund Drive:  October (2021: first time 100% fund-sharing event, learn more here)
  • Online Auction:  February (2021: possible shift in timing to March)
  • Live Auction and Gala:  March (2021: possible shift in timing to April)
  • Jog-A-Thon:  June (2021: possible fund-sharing event)



Fall Fund Drive

UPDATE: Thank you Coe for your generosity and support. Together, you raised over $30,000 in donations and employee match pledges, surpassing the total amount raised in the last three years combined for underfunded PTAs within our broader community.   Coe PTA is in a fortunate position to lead the change toward a more equitable fundraising …