The Coe PTA runs on hardworking and dedicated volunteers! There are a number of committees and programs that have varying degrees of involvement throughout the school year.  These programs are designed to enhance the district-provided curriculum with additional outside learning opportunities.

Please click here to connect with us about your interest in any of the committees note below.


Back-To-School-Bash  This team organizes and coordinates a super fun one-day event in September for all Coe families.  Think games, food trucks, and booths promoting activities and volunteer opportunities at the school.  2022-23 Chairs: Kaila Lightner and Stephanie Moultrie

Birthday Celebrations  2022-23 Chairs: Julie Nguyen and Lauren Moses

Book Fair and Read A Thon  Supports the school librarian to run a week long book sales event in October as well as a fun celebration of reading for the students. 2022-23 Chairs: Nicole Tromble and Monica Andrus

Building Leadership Team  As a school, we believe that we make better decisions in school governance if we work on issues together.  The BLT meets monthly to discuss a variety of topics including upcoming events, challenges as they present themselves, budgeting issues, and organizational issues. 2022-23 Chairs:  Devon Atchison and Sally Elley

Coe Cares  Team organizes programs supporting those in times of financial or emotional hardship: filling backpacks with supplies, pick up/delivery of groceries from Ballard Food Bank, providing food gift cards and other items as requested for Coe families/students in need.  Events: Food, Hygiene, and Book Drives. 2022-23 Chairs: Colby Wallace and Abby Slonecker

Coe Spirit Wear Team is responsible for selecting new school year logos and spirit wear options, in coordination with the Graphic Designer, determining inventory, setting up an online store, and working with school leadership and PTA leads to promote sale and manage orders/distribution. 2022-23 Chair: Katrina Bethards

Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion The Coe PTA is committed to creating a school community that is equitable, proactively practices and promotes anti-racism, and embraces the value of diversity. Coe Elementary school staff and leadership are committed to and have been acting on this shared goal. The community is constantly changing, however, and we are all part of a life-long journey to be better and do better for our kids.  The Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion (DREI) Committee was established in 2020 to facilitate partnership between the PTA and Coe staff around this commitment, to develop clear, shared goals, to inform priorities, and to develop and support implementation of strategies that help achieve those goals. 2022-23 Chair: Heather Puri (connect with the team at

Fall Fund Drive  The first fundraising event of the year, FFD requires a one month min. commitment to organize/ execute prior to launch, and an ongoing promotional and donation gathering/ tracking/ reporting effort while the campaign is active. 2022-23 Chairs: Chelsey Glasson and Lauren Moore

Family Game Night 2022-23 Chair: Kirsten Leng

Field Day 2022-23 Chair: TBD

Gardening & Landscaping  2022-23 Chair: Jill Locke

Jog-A-Thon  Team coordinates this student-led fundraising effort each Spring.  Students compete to run the most laps while families cheer them on, followed by cool treats.  2022-23 Chair: Michelle Maxwell

Journey to An Afghan School  Student-led educational & fundraising events in support of our sister school in Afghanistan, create an opportunity to help Coe students learn about giving and their responsibility as global citizens, while encouraging leadership and planning skills.  Traditional events: Bake Sale, Month of Giving Assembly with Coin Drive, Booth at Family Culture Night, and All School Community Spring Bake Sale. 2022-23 Chair: Kathy Roeder

Kinder Outreach  Team welcomes incoming Kindergarten families and helps them transition to Coe by organizing introductory parents/kids/ teacher play dates and a welcome morning event on the first day of school.  2022-23 Chair: Sally Elley

Kinder Tours Team organizes tours to help prospective families decide whether Coe is the right fit for their family.  2022-23 Chair: Sally Elley

Monster Mash  Team organizes a night of fun for all Coe families with music, dancing, costumes, games and food. 2022-23: Chair: Kirsten Leng

Family Culture Night  Celebrating the diversity of backgrounds and customs represented at Coe, this event showcases vibrant displays, delicious food offerings, and performances, taking students and families on a global expedition just by walking through the school.  Volunteers are always needed to transform the atrium and hallways into a “bazaar” showcasing the rich cultures that make up Coe.  Families are invited to participate and share their culture by setting up a table display, preparing delectable dishes representative of their heritage, and more. 2022-23: Chair: TBD

Room Parent Coordinator  This role involves collaborating with office staff and teachers early on in the school year to identify one (or two) parents from each classroom interested in being a liaison for distributing relevant information from the PTA to class parents as well as coordinating teacher appreciation gifts on behalf of the class. 2022-23 Chair: Sally Elley

Safety Patrol  This a great opportunity to fourth and fifth graders who have demonstrated a track record of reliable and responsible behavior, and are able to rotate before-and-after-school patrol duties into their schedule.  2022-23 Chair: Scott Wicke

School Directory 2022-23 Chair: Brook Taylor

Coe Auction  This important fundraising and community building 2-part event (in March) typically raises 45% of PTA’s annual donation goal and thus requires commitment/support of varying degrees throughout the year.  A coordinated effort between volunteers and staff ensures this event’s success.  2022-23 Chairs: Giselle Warner and Monica Andrus

Staff Recognition 2022-23 Chairs: Alison Williams, Diane Dettling, Geordie Ulmer, Jacquie Seda

Webmaster The PTA website serves a vital role in sharing relevant school info and activities with Coe families, as well as providing additional resources to current and prospective parents. Our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) also serve in sharing timely information and connecting our community.  2022-23 Chair: Katrina Bethards