Coe-mmunity Night

We are excited to announce Coe-mmunity Night, (formerly known as Multicultural Night) taking place at Coe on Wednesday, May 24 from 6-7:30pm.

What is Coe-mmunity Night? 

Coe-mmunity Night is an evening designed to celebrate what culture means to all of us in our Coe-mmunity! We believe that everyone has culture, defined in different ways whether it be language, traditions, knowledge/stories, religion, values, greater community, food/drink, celebrations – anything that makes you, you.

  • It could be your country of origin (Mexico! Korea! Australia!)
  • It could be a cause that is near and dear to your heart (Volunteering! LGBTQ+! Recycling!)
  • It could be a passion or a hobby (Camping! Theater! Bird watching!)

Whatever you feel like best defines you and your family’s culture. We are excited to learn more about our Coe families and neighbors and what culture means to everyone.

It’s also worth noting that there is an intersectionality of cultures and/or affinity groups and that you may belong to multiple groups that make up your family’s culture. For Coe-mmunity Night, it’s likely simpler to have a booth that highlights one facet of the culture(s) you identify with.

How does it work?

Participants will each have a table/”booth” (located on all 3 levels of Coe) and can bring whatever you think showcases your culture, whether it be posters/visuals, food, music, storytelling, arts and crafts, etc. We will also have time and space for performances in the cafeteria!

How do I participate?

Please visit the Coe-mmunity Night Sign Up Genius to participate or volunteer! If you see someone sign up for a culture/group that you are also interested in, we encourage you to please reach out and make a Coe-nnection!

We love anything that helps make this a festive evening, a way to meet new neighbors and to celebrate what culture is to all of us.

Questions? Please contact