All Are Welcome at Coe: A Celebration of Diversity

When/Where: April 26, 2022, 6:00-7:30 pm, on the Coe Playground

Your participation is needed! Create a poster sharing “what makes YOU or your family special?” and sign up here to let us know so we can support you with any needed materials (poster board, markers, etc)!

Here are two examples from 1st grader Rihaan and our wonderful Visual Arts Teacher, Mr. Chavez, for a little inspiration!


Diversity is much more than your race, ethnicity or culture. You might think a diversity event is not about your family or that you will just be an observer. But every family has something that is different and special, and we encourage you to come and share!

All are welcome! Race, ethnicity and nationality, just scratches the surface of identity or communities that one can belong to. Community and identity can encompass LGBTQ+, Faith and Religion, Disabled and Deaf, Languages, Holidays/Festivals, and so much more!!

Our family’s experience is only our experience and cannot encompass every aspect of identity. That is why we are glad to have a community to help us be more empathetic and inclusive. We would love to learn what makes you part of our diverse community at Coe.