Immediate PTA Volunteer Needs

We have two roles to fill for the 2019-2020 school year and a third role we are creating.  The first is our Fall Fund Drive.  We are looking for two or three people to chair this annual event. The second is Coe Cares.  We are looking to add someone to this team for 2019-2020 who will then become the Chair in 2020-2021.  Lastly, we hope to add a new Chair for the 2019-2020 school year – the Website Chair.  This person will update (and perhaps reshape) our PTA website.

Please see job descriptions below for Fall Fund Drive and Coe Care.  The Website Chair is a new position so the person who Chairs this role will help shape the requirements of the job.

Please Portia at if you are interested in learning more.

Fall Fund Drive Coordinator


Job description:

This is the lead planning and logistics role for Coe’s Fall Fund Drive (FFD), one of the most important fundraising events of the year.  The FFD (and the lead Coordinator role) is a 2-3 month effort that typically begins just after the school year starts, peaks during the month of October while donations are being collected, and concludes by the middle of November once a final tally is made and donation receipts are generated.  Many of the day-to-day logistics of the FFD are handled via an online software platform called “Greater Giving,” which can be used for website creation, online donation processing, accounting, and receipt generation.  The Greater Giving platform is relatively user-friendly with a good support center though there is a learning curve.  Overall this is an interesting role that will sharpen your task management skills and expose you to many wonderful families, staff, and Coe volunteers.  Key responsibilities include:


  • Help recruit or confirm a graphic designer and bulletin board coordinator to ensure that the FFD is effectively marketed
  • Approve paper materials, get them printed, sorted, and distributed to kids’ classrooms.
  • Set up the donation website using Greater Giving’s design tools.
  • Plan attention getting strategies which might include “advertising” in person at school and writing bulletin announcements.
  • Coordinate the collection of donation envelopes.  Download and record the details for donations made online.
  • Track and total funds collected weekly and announced updates (typically via the on-site board and digital bulletins).
  • Work the with Treasurer to ensure checks are deposited and matching funds are collected from our generous families.
  • And, finally, pat yourself and your collaborators on the back for a successful campaign!


Time Commitment: 


This is a Fall-only commitment, and if you recruit/leverage the help of a few on-site volunteers, most of the work can be done on the weekends from behind a computer, so you get to control when you put in the hours.  The work load starts slowly with a few coordinating emails, and it picks up to a few hours per week during the actual campaign, which last for four weeks.  During the campaign, most of your time will be spent on bookkeeping and emailing, so the ideal person for this job will be comfortable with numbers and be relatively organized.  This role could also be shared by two people, one who’s marketing-oriented and another who handles the collecting and record keeping.


Why I liked this job: 

It has big impact on our school and students!  This fundraiser brings in ~40% of the PTA’s annual budget, and there’s a huge sense of accomplishment in leading that effort.  The staff and PTA executive team are very supportive, and you’ll get to connect with a broad number of parents and teachers.  (It’s also a great job for someone who wants to add project management or fundraising experience to their resume.)


Coe Cares Chair


Job description:

Coe Cares Mission: To nurture our children in caring behavior and service endeavors that provide an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop into compassionate citizens.

Coe Cares is a way to coordinate these efforts under one umbrella, so we can evaluate the work that we are doing and attempt to achieve some balance in our giving as we, children and adults, develop our compassion and reach to serve those in need.

This is an all year commitment.


Weekly: Pick up lunches from the Ballard Food Bank (Thursdays for regular weeks, Wednesday and Thursday for weeks before long school breaks). This usually takes about 45 minutes a trip. (1 hour weekly)


Monthly: Coe Care runs the after-school popcorn sales on the first Friday of the month. Set up starts at about 1:30 and lasts until around 3 p.m. Volunteers also need to purchase popcorn and materials every so often. (1 ½ hours monthly)


Not Scheduled: In the event of a death of a faculty member’s or student’s family member, Coe Cares puts together a gift or food train. School Counselor will contact chairs in the event of need. This may mean providing school supplies or coats, as needed.


Projects throughout the year: Coe Care hosts a variety of projects throughout the year. This is driven by the chair and student council. Each project usually runs about a week and would involve promoting, asking for volunteers, collecting, and delivery items. A few hours for preparation, promotion, and volunteer gathering in the previous week. The week of would be a short drop in to school each day to check on progress and then collecting and delivering items. I would estimate spending 5-10 hours that week on any given project. Coe Care currently hosts three projects: A food drive (Nov.), a hygiene drive (March), and book drive (June). Attend the back to school bash in September to promote Coe Cares and collect volunteers. (5-10 hours per project)



Coe Cares has a budget to pay for these services as well as the money we bring in each popcorn sale. You will need to manage the budget, get reimbursed for popcorn materials or bereavement items. We also provide Coe t-shirts to students from previous years left overs, give librarian money so kids in need can purchase books at the book fair, and distribute grocery gift cards to families in need with the money that is left over at the end of the year.


Why someone would like this job:

This is a meaningful committee that really makes a difference in the school community. We help deliver food to our students who need the help, we fill in the gaps when requested, we make sure our community is supported in time of need, and we collected needed food, books, ands hygiene products for our community. We work with student counsel to promote the food drive and show the kids how they can contribute to make their community better.