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Hello Coe Families!

Did you know that the counseling office at school serves between 35 and 70 students individually and an additional 25 students in group counseling each month?  I am only at Coe three days a week, but I work hard to serve as many students as possible while I am here on campus.  Students are always welcome to write me a “let’s talk” note and come visit for problem solving, mediation, or counseling help.

Here in the counseling office, we also run small group counseling for students with additional support needs ranging from friendship making, to family changes, and even grief and loss.  If your child or family is undergoing stressful life changes and could use additional support, please contact me, Meghan Kaloper, the Coe school counselor. I look forward to partnering with you! mrkaloper@seattleschools.org or (206) 252-2002 Ext. 1

I also visit classrooms on a regular basis to discuss emotion recognition, emotion management, problem solving, communication skills, and more!  Some further examples of how I work with kids and families are:

-Using the wheel of choice and other friendship problem solving tools and strategies to use with kids

-Mechanics of the brain and what happens when we get upset.  How we (parents) can help kids grow their frustration tolerance and build calm down skills.

-Helping your child build empathy and emotional intelligence through guided parent/child read aloud books

-Identifying and addressing childhood anxiety

Want to learn more about the role of the counselor? Visit the Coe Counseling Services overview page!