Help Make Monster Mash A Success – Volunteer


Join us (in costume) for the Monster Mash on October 26th from 6:30 – 8:30pm in Coe’s Cafeteria.   We will have games, dancing, food and a cake walk for current Coe families.  This is a fundraiser for Islandwood and we are looking for volunteers to help with the event. 

Please sign up to help here to help:  Monster Mash Sign Up

ARE YOU A BEASTLY BAKER? (Or like to pick stuff up at the grocery store?)
We need scary tasty treats for our bake sale and cake walks!  Can you help?  Sign up here:  Monster Mash Beastly Baker Sign Up

Questions? Email us at
Thanks so much!
Katy Hall and Sarah Nelson
Monster Mash Maestros

Monster Mash Guidelines:

There will be parking on the playground, and there will be moving cars. No students may be on the playground during Monster Mash hours. Please do not allow your child to go to the playground during Monster Mash.

Monster Mash is open only to current Coe families. Siblings of current Coe students can attend, but only if accompanied by their parent/guardian. They must enter the event with their parent/guardian. Students without a parent will not be allowed entrance to the event. Middle and high school students who don’t have a sibling currently at Coe will be turned away and expected to leave the property.

There will be only one point of entry, at the lunchroom doors. We will not be using the atrium; dancing will take place in the outdoor covered play court; we will also use the gym and the lunchroom.

Rules for Adults:

1. Parents must supervise their children.

2. Please make sure your child does not go on the playground.

3. We ask that adults not wear full face/head masks.

Rules for Adults and Students:

1. Costumes may not include weapons of any kind (swords, guns, light sabers, knives, sickles, etc.)

2. No sports equipment that could cause injury or property damage (bats, hockey sticks, in- line skates, cleats, etc.) is allowed.

3. Common sense is the rule. Parents need to ask: “Is this costume appropriate for an elementary school?”